Lindsay Heizman

Describe Yourself: 

Well, to my mom I’m a trail-blazer; to my foes a hell-raiser; my friends' bad decision-enabler. Let's just go with designated wildcard.

"The Hookup" (Synopsis)

An original feature film, rough draft SYNOPSIS: --This is a story of four roommates, three best friends, and an unfortunate "odd man out" predicament. Four women, in an alarmingly petty feud, soon escalate past the point of hilarity, into pre-destined jail time. Post-graduate 20’s, freshly bright-eyed to Los Angeles, their rude landlord unexpectedly busts into their apartment—finding pot and recreational drugs galore—3 of the 4 roommates team up to oust the fourth.

"Weed The People" (Synopsis)

SYNOPSIS of an incomplete, original pilot I drafted. This is a story exploring many sides of an unfortunate drug-deal-gone-wrong in the 80’s, our story bounces back and forth between the prisoners’ lives before and after imprisonment. Flashbacks reveal their happy life before prison; current day shows the contrast differences between now and then, and everything in between those two time slots… remains unknown. Exactly how they wound up in prison, we do not know. The title is also a work in progress...